Spinach & Cottage Cheese Grilled Sandwich

I just read somewhere that April is Grilled Cheese month, so here’s my version of a classic grilled cheese sandwich ….with a bit of a twist.

Instead of just cheese, I also used Cottage Cheese/Paneer – which is a very different texture & flavor than cheese and then I added a touch of garlic & spinach to complete this totally easy & yummy version of grilled cheese. Go heavy on the spinach in this recipe to take full advantage of the goodness of dark leafy greens.

4 slices of white or brown bread
2-3 cloves garlic (finely chopped or crushed)
35-40 Fresh Spinach Leaves (coarsely chopped)
A cup of grated cottage Cheese/Paneer (I use the frozen kind – available at most Indian grocery stores)
1/2 cup of cheese – any kind will do (Grated)
Salt & Pepper
Chopped Cilantro (optional)
Chilli flakes

1. Add butter to the skillet & once it melts a little add the chopped garlic. Let it cook for a minute & then add the shredded spinach. Cook till all the moisture from the spinach leaves evaporates. Add cilantro.

2. Add the cooked spinach mixture to the grated paneer. Add salt & pepper.

3. Spread butter on one side of each of the 4 bread slices. Heat a griddle pan to medium high heat. Place 2 pieces of bread on the griddle, buttered side down. On each piece, spread some shredded cheese, the spinach-paneer filling, sprinkle some chilli flakes and then the other piece of bread on top. When the bottom bread is browned, flip the sandwich and cook until the bread is toasted and the cheese is melted.

Note: I used a panini grill to make my version of this Sandwich, but the directions are for making this on a stove top skillet & don’t require a grill.

Cut into triangles or squares & Serve hot!

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